About the Journal

Journal of The Faculty of Science and Technology (JFST) is a scientific Journal devoted entirely to all facets of pure and applied sciences. The main areas of emphasis of the Journal are:

Astronomy, Meteorology, Physics, Mathematics , Geology, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Biotechnology and Nutrition and Food Sciences.

 The goal of this Journal is the publication of papers of a high standard of technical merit and scientific quality.

All manuscripts submitted for publication in the JFST will be formally reviewed by no less than two members of the scientific community who are regarded as authorities in that field.

The types of manuscripts that will be accepted for publication in JFST are Reviews, Research Reports (full papers), Research Notes and Letters-to-the-Editor.

A Reviews will generally be invited , although potential authors can submit Reviews for consideration.

A Research Report should be a short paper describing an original research study. The manuscript should be arranged in the order : Abstract, Keyword, Introduction, Experimental, Results and Discussion and References.

A paper that follows the format of Research Report but is less than four typewritten pages, or is obviously preliminary results, may be published as a Research Note. A Research Note should be a brief note, it should contain: previous work and present work. A letters-to-the-Editor is a letter or discussion of a controversial issue can be submitted for publication.

The abstract should present a summary of the problem, scientific method, major findings and conclusions, in no more than 250 words. Authors are requested to assign 3-6 keywords to the manuscript. These keywords should be typed at the end of the Abstract. Each Keyword should start with a capital letter and be separated from each other by a semi-colon.

Manuscript should not exceed 20 (A4) pages including Figures and Tables, produced using Microsoft word with Times New Roman font 12. They should be typewritten in double spaced on one side of A4 paper, with margins at least 2.5 cm.

References should be referred to by name and year (Harvard system) chronologically, at the end of the paper.

Tables should be numbered sequentially as they appear in the text. Tables must have brief , self-explanatory titles.  All illustrations, including maps and Figures should be numbered sequentially as they appear in the text.

On receipt of the two reports from referees, the author will be contacted as soon as possible and asked: to make minor revisions , or major revisions (which will have to be returned to the original reviewers for checking before the paper can be accepted). Or to rethink and rewrite the paper and resubmit it at a later date. Or the paper may be rejected on scientific grounds.

All manuscripts must be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief. Authors send an original and three copies plus a covering letter. The receipt of the manuscript will be acknowledged by e-mail: hatilhashim@gmail.com.