Group Classification Invariant Solutions of Burgers' Equation

  • Mohammed Adam Abdualah Khatir
  • Mohammed Ali Basher
  • Blegiss Abdulaziz Abdulrahman Ebyed
Keywords: Infinitesimal generator, Symmetries of Burgers’ equation, optimal system, group classification of algebra


The aims of the present paper is to solve the problem of the group classification of the general Burgers’ equation u_t=f(x,u) u_x^2+g(x,u)u_xx, where f and g are arbitrary smooth functions of the variables x and u, by using Lie method. The paper is one of the few applications of an algebraic approach to the problem of group classification: We followed the analysis mathematical method using the method of preliminary group classification. A number of new interesting nonlinear invariant models which have nontrivial invariance algebras are obtained. The result of the work is a wide class of equations summarized in table form.


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