The Effect of Solar Radiation and Temperature on Solar Cell Performance in Khartoum state

  • Wail Hessen ALawad ALHessen
  • Abdelnabe Ali Elamin Ali
  • Mohammed Habib Ahmed El_kanzi
Keywords: Solar Cells, Temperature, Light Intensity and Efficiency


In this paper, the performance of solar cells was studied and evaluated . The role of several effects for operation condition such as temperature, sunlight intensity on the solar cells output parameters has been studied. Experimental results showed that relationship between the amount of solar cell output parameters variations such as maximum output power, open circuit voltage, short circuit current, and efficiency in terms of temperature and light intensity.

The measurements were carried out for the intensity of solar radiation in Khartoum area in Sudan, from February month to April month which records the solar radiation in W/m2, The results were collected from 10 Am to 4 pm, three days per week, data were averaged and also illustrated in the form of graphs of solar radiation as a function of the time of the day.

The operating temperature plays a key role in the photovoltaic conversion process. Both the electrical efficiency and the power output of the solar cell depend on the operating temperature. Solar cell performance decreases with increasing temperature.


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