Antioxidant activity of some Sudanese medicinal plant methanolic extracts

  • Manal A Ibrahim
  • Safa G Ali
  • Mahasin M Hussien
Keywords: Cadaba glandulosa, Aristolochia bracteolata, Boscia senegalensis, Nymphaea lotus, DPPH and Antioxidant Activity


Traditional medicines play a very important role in the health care system in Sudan, Cadaba glandulosa , Aristolochia bracteolata  , Boscia senegalensis  and Nymphaea lotus are used in folkloric medicine to remedy some diseases. The methanolic extracts were used to evaluate antioxidant activity to the  plants which were mentioned above. B senglensis was shown high activity equal to 87+1, while N. lotus was represented 82+2.  Also A. bracteolate and C. glandulosa exhibited moderate values (54+0.03 and 41+0.04 respectively).


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