Analysis of Physico-chemical and Macro Element Concentration in Soils of Six Farmlands in Khartoum State, Central Sudan

  • Sulieman Ahmed Gasim El Said
  • Hatil Hashim EL-Kamali
  • Sara Ahmed Saad
Keywords: Physico-chemical properties, Farmland soils, Khartoum State, Central Sudan


Analysis of some selected physico-chemical parameters and macro-elements in soil samples collected from six farmlands (Agricultural schemes) in Khartoum State, Central Sudan : EL-Gomouya, Wad Ramli, Umm Arda, EL-Waha, EL-Silait and EL-Shaab schemes) were carried out The soil characterization was carried out for parameters like pH, organic carbon, moisture content, electrical conductivity , soil texture , potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus in the soil samples. The physicochemical analysis of soil samples understudy showed different concentrations of various parameters at different farmlands. Correlation analysis was employed to examine the relationship between the various parameters in the soil samples.


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