Detection of lung Cancer on CT Scan Using Image Processing Techniques

  • Osman Mudathir
  • Alaa Elfadel Kamil Omdurman Islamic University
  • Suha Salah
  • Marwa Gamar
  • Zeinab Nouraldaem
Keywords: Computed tomography (CT), Cancer, Image Processing, Marker-controlled segmentation, Feature extraction


This paper represents detection of lung cancer using image processing which is followed by image enhancement using three filters. These filters are Gabor, madian and mean filters. Then, image segmentation is applied using a technique called marker controlled watershed with masking that has advantages over other methods in terms of reducing the time needed for detection. On that ground, this method rejoiced with better quality. Finally, an important stage is made to decide whether the lung is infected with cancer or not this stage is called feature extraction .therefore, results were reached with less human efforts.


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Mudathir, O., Kamil, A. E., Salah, S., Gamar, M., & Nouraldaem, Z. (2021). Detection of lung Cancer on CT Scan Using Image Processing Techniques. FES Journal of Engineering Sciences, 10(1), 1-5.