Optimal Shape of the Prayer Hall in the Mosque's Plans

  • Ahmedeltayib Hassan elfatih Gariballa جامعة امدرمان الاسلامية


The plans of mosques have different shapes (rectangle, square, triangle, elliptical, octave, circular ...( depending to the designer's ideas, also the plans governed by the functions of the buildings according to the service that achieved , The  main function of the mosque is to worship it in prayer and other religious lessons and adhkaar, The researcher or designer should avoid some forms of plans that are not suitable for the function of prayer rooms, and the problem of studying is the existence of some forms that are not suitable for the plan of these halls. The study aims to monitor, analyze and evaluate the forms of plans used in the mosques of the Khartoum region to determine the optimum shape in terms of the functional suitability of this important ritual, and the study was achieved according to an analytical methodology rooted in the terms of the Islamic legislation and based on the optimal standard that serves the function of the appropriate geometric shape of prayer hall plan in the mosque. According to studies of the various forms addressed by the researcher and know its pros and cons to come up with results and conclusions that achieve the objectives of the research, which is to reach the optimal and better form that serves the function of the prayer rite of stacking the ranks and performing different movements. The study concludes that the best and optimal shape of the plan reached is the rectangular shape whose longest rib perpendicular to the direction of the qibla.

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Gariballa, A. H. elfatih. (2021). Optimal Shape of the Prayer Hall in the Mosque’s Plans. FES Journal of Engineering Sciences, 10(1), 42-51. https://doi.org/10.52981/fjes.v10i1.550