Design and Implementation Automated Egg Incubator

  • Abdelrahim Ahmed Mohammed Ate Associate Professor at Dezhou university and Alneelain university
Keywords: Arduino board, egg incubator, humidity and temperature sensor


Artificial egg incubators are devices used for incubating and hatching eggs through preservation the required conditions for fetus development inside the egg .Generally this paper aims to design and implement an egg incubator system in order to provide adequate conditions for egg hatching and to meet the growing market needs for locally grown white meat at reasonable prices, This system use software program  for controlling in the temperature and humidity using the proteus  program  and Arduino ide.

The system of this incubator is based on two Arduino boards one of which is Arduino nano reads the temperature and humidity values inside the incubator chamber through sensor dht11 and it is displayed 16x2 display screen When this value is more than the maximum or less, then the bell give sound to be an indication of the exceeded permissible values and the controller processes the increase in the case of temperature by operating fans to expel and distribute the air. However, in the case of low temperature or humidity, the heater operates and pushes an amount of hot and steam into the inside incubator that make temperature and humidity high, it controls the motor that turns the eggs to change their position in order to prevent the embryo from sticking to the shell and. the electronic lock that makes the incubator door limited to the person responsible.

The research would be a user-friendly product as it is manufactured in a limited and small size and can be transported to other locations with minimal user handling.


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