Editorial Team:

The SML is under the sponsorship of the honorable Director of the University

Prof. Hassan Abbas Hassan

Ass. Professor (Microbiology), Mohammed Elfatih Ournasseir, Dean Faculty: Editor-in-Chief

Professor (Clinical Biochemistry) Ali Suleiman Elwakeel: Executive Editor

Ass. professor (Histopathology), Hashim Dafa Alla:  Associate Editor

. Editorial Board

Dr. Haitham Eltigani M. Alawad Assis. Professor of Virolgy: member

Dr. Abualgasim Algaili Abdalla Assis. professor of Immunology: member

Dr. Hatil Alkamali Professor of Botany and Medicinal Plants: member   

Dr. Najem Aldin Mohammed Hassan Ass. professor of Microbiology: member

Dr. Abdelsamie Al Obeid M.Alameen  Ass. Prof of clinical Chemistry : member

Ustaz.Mosab Gasm Elseed Mohamed : coordinator