Scientific Journals of Omdurman Islamic University are periodical publications in which researches related to various academic disciplines are published.These journals serve as permanent and transparent forums for the scrutiny, discussion and presentation of scientific research. They are pre-reviewed and refereed.Their content is typically authentic researches, books and scientific papers, both theoretical and practical ones.These scientific Journals aim at providing researchers with a platform for exchanging knowledge with their colleagues as well as contributing to the grand design of improving natural knowledge and perfecting all philosophical arts and science. There are more than twenty refereed and indexed scientific Journals belong to different faculties at Omdurman Islamic University. Therefore, researchers from all the fields of study, from all over the world are invited to publish their scientific work in the journals of Omdurman Islamic University.


  • JournaL of the Faculty of Sharia & Law

    Journal of the Faculty of Sharia and Law is a magazine concerned with the publication of specialized research in forensic and legal sciences and related disciplines such as ideological research, Sunnah, interpretation, economics, Arabic language, Islamic Da'wa and others

  • Islamic Dawa landmarks Journal

    Scientific journal interested in publishing scientific reserearch in the fields of dawa and Islamicstudies in various baraches

  • Journal of the Faculty of Human Development

    مجلة علمية ،دورية ،نصف سنوية محكمة تصدرها كلية التنمية البشرية - جامعة ام درمان الاسلامية

  • Educational & Sciences Journal

    FJES Journal of Educational & Sciences (FJEduS) is an academic open access peer-reviewed journal published by Faculty of Education (FEdu) of Omdurman Islamic University (OIU). Sudan. It aims to promote scientific development in all education fields. The focus is to publish high quality papers on different topics related to Education`

  • Sudan Journal of Medical Sciences

    Sudan JMS is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal which publishes four issues per year. High-quality papers written in English dealing with all aspects of medical sciences are welcomed

  • Omdurman Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

    The Omdurman Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (OJPS) is a peer- reviewed international journal scheduled to appear biannual, which publishes innovative research works in the field of Pharmaceutical interest to all branches of pharmacy profession .Journal publishes Manuscript of following types:The Journal seeks to publish original papers, selected lectures and reviews, proceedings of symposia and scientific meetings, letters to editor, Case reports, Short communication and abstract of accepted theses.


    Islamic Studies Methodologys, And Codycology - The Fields Is Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, And Humanist Nowledgs.

  • Economics Political Science and Statistics

    تهتم مجلة كلية الاقتصاد والعلوم السياسية بجامعة أم درمان الاسلامية بنشر الموضوعات في مجالات الاحصاء والاقتصاد والعلوم السياسية والعلاقات الدولية ودراسات السلام والنزاعات وتقبل المجلة البحوث العلمية للكتب والرسائل الجامعية واعمال المؤتمرات والندوات

  • Journal of the Faculty of Arabic Language

    The Journal of the Faculty of Arabic Language is concerned with the language issues in its various branches: grammar, morphology, language, literature, rhetoric and criticism. They addressed the issues of these fields in different directions and different approaches. It is known that the linguistic and literary heritage, has undergone different approaches in the modern era, in terms of methodology and analysis. It is well known that the magazine's policy is to open the door to these new readings of the linguistic and literary heritage, its renewal in the curriculum, and its depth of approach.

  • Journal of Communication Sciences

    A quarterly scientific journal concerned with the studies of communication sciences

  • Faculty of Art Journal

    يمكن الوصول إلي مجلة كلية الآداب جامعة أم درمان الإسلامية  JFOA في صورتها الورقية أو الالكترونية،وتهتم المجلة بنشر الموضوعات في مجالات الآداب والعلوم الإنسانية (الفكر الإسلامي، الجغرافيا، التاريخ، اللغات، المكتبات والمعلومات،علم الاجتماع وعلم النفس والخدمة الاجتماعية وغيرها.تحتفظ المجلة بكافة حقوق النشر للمواد المنشورة فيها الكترونياً أو ورقياً.بدأت المجلة في الصدور بصورة منتظمة منذ عام 1908م  وكانت تصدر سنوياً وفي عام 1918م أصبحت تصدر مرتين في العام .وتمتلك المجلة خصوصية فيما ينشر فيها وفقاً لشروط وقوانين الخصوصية والملكية الفكرية.تنشر المجلة مرتين في السنة في شهر يوليو وديسمبر

  • Sudan Journal of Nursing Sciences

    Sudan Journal of Nursing Sciences (SJNS) is an open access peer-reviewed scientific Journal issued by the Faculty of Nursing Sciences, Omdurman Islamic University (OIU). SJNS is publishing biannually. High quality papers written in English language are welcomed. The journal seeks to keep abreast of development in different nursing sciences, relevant basic scientific researches in biomedical sciences and clinical practice.The journal efforts aim at improving the nursing care for patients and upgrading the skills of nursing personnel in the field ofnursing care by publishing unique and high quality scientific researches.  

  • Journal of Family Studies

    علمية محكمة -  نصف سنوية – يصدرها معهد الدراسات الاسرية والاجتماعية  – جامعة أم درمان الإسلامية

  • Sudanese Journal of Computer and Information

     This Scientific, Peer Reviewed and Periodic journal accepts innovative researches, which are directly related to pure and applied sciences in the basic specialization of the faculty, which include computer sciences, information systems, information technology, as well as sub-specialties such as: networks, software engineering, information security and confidentiality, databases, data mining, and bioinformatics.

  • Journal of Agricultural Science

    The Journal of Agricultural Sciences is a refereed scientific biannual journal that publishes high quality and original research papers, newsletters, review Articles and scientific notes concerning the different fields of Agriculture.

  • Journal of Managerial Sciences (JMS)

    مجلة العلوم الإدارية للبحوث العلمية هي مجلة علمية محكمة نصف سنوية، تصدر عن كلية العلوم الإدارية بجامعة أم درمان الإسلامية، تنشر بحوث متخصصة في إدارة الأعمال والمحاسبة والتسويق باللغتين العربية والإنجليزية، كما تقبل بحوث باللغة الفرنسية. وتهتم بنشر الأوراق والتقارير العلمية المقدمة للمؤتمرات والندوات، كما تعرض ملخصات الكتب والرسائل الجامعية ( الماجستير والدكتوراه) في مجال تخصص المجلة.

  • Journal of The Faculty of Science and Technology

    The journal of The Faculty of Science and Technology (JFST) is an open peer-reviewed journal which covers all aspects of Natural and Applied Science including Botany, Zoology, Biotechnology, Nutrition and Food Science, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy and Meteorology. The journal will feature original research, reviews, editorials, case studies, brief communications , opinions and views. The journal publishes at least annually. Additional issues may be published for special events (e.g. Conferences) and when special themes are addressed.

  • Sudan Medical Laboratory Journal

    Sudan Journal of Medical Laboratory Sciences for Medical Laboratory Research. SMLJ, is an open-access, peer-reviewed, scientific periodical issued by the Faculty of Medical laboratory Sciences of the Omdurman Islamic University. We, despite the title, do not confine ourselves, only, to the laboratory sciences and endeavor to cover all the advances in the diverse medical fields. Our target is the dissemination of recent information, and eventually, knowledge that contributes to the health and well-being of the human through fresh scientific research efforts.

  • FES Journal of Engineering Sciences

    FES Journal of Engineering Sciences (FJES) is an academic open-access peer-reviewed journal published by Faculty of Engineering Sciences (FES) of Omdurman Islamic University (OIU), Sudan. It aims to promote scientific development in all engineering fields. The focus is to publish high-quality papers on different topics related to engineering science and technology, Submitted papers will be reviewed by technical committees of the Journal and international experts. The audience includes researchers, managers, and operators for engineering fields as well as designers and developers.