Biodiversity and Classification of Plant Communities of Sabaloka area-central Sudan

  • Adam Bashir
  • Hatil Alkamali
  • Maha Elkordofani
  • Abdelrahman H Baleela
Keywords: Biodiversity, Classification, Plant Communities, Sabaloka area, North central Sudan


The study was carried out during the period 2016 – 2018, through several extensive and intensive field trips that covered deferent habitats (Wadis & River Nile banks) of Sabaloga area central Sudan. The study dealt with Analysis of plant communities which include species diversity and classification of plants communities by Cluster Analysis (CA).
The species diversity in Wadis for trees and shrubs was lower than the diversity of herbs , while it was higher in River Nile Banks for both trees and herbs.
The study shown that the study area was included seven plant communities located in two sites. Site 1 was represented by six Wadis which included six plant communities. Site 2 was represented by River Nile Banks which included one plant community (Community 7).


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