Genesis of Gold Deposit in Um Trambishi Area, NE Atbara, Sudan.

  • Moa′awia Adam Mohamedai
  • Osman Mohammed Elhassan
Keywords: Volcano-sedimentary sequence, Granitoids, Mineralization, Shear zone


Um Trambishi area consists of volcano-sedimentary sequence intruded by syntectonic pluton of granitoids composition with marginal fissures injected by aplite, had been subjected to dynamic metamorphism and obliterated by recrystallization forming different rock units varying in composition, forming greenschist terrains. These are an assemblage of recrystalline schists, meta-acid, cataclastic tonalite, granodiorites, meta-andesite, chlorite schists, quartzite, marble, metabanded chert, together with two generations of unmineralized deformed and undeformed white quartz, which are oriented mainly in E-W and N-S direction following faults trend. The area is subjected to four deformational phases of brittle-ductile transition. The metamorphic grade is Green Schist Facies. The alteration around the endo-contact zone is characterized by minerals: albite, chlorite, epidote, sericite, carbonate and kaolin with anomalous Au=0.91ppm, Ag=1.75ppm, As=44.6XRF, Co=15.70XRF, V=65XRF, Ti=4796XRF, Cr=23XRF, Sr=269XRF, and base metals Pb=1.51ppm, Zn=22.02ppm and Cu=13.59ppm. The first phase of hydrothermal solution carrying gold is related to the magmatic high temperature associated with granitoidal intrusions, deposited into the planar fabric S1 and has a characteristic signature of hypothermal processes .The second mode of occurrence is the regeneration of auriferous quartz stringers filling into the tectonic fissures trending 340⁰ and oblique to S1 as a result of D3 (Keraf Shear Zone) and has a characteristic signature of mesothermal processes.


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