The effect of the addition of limestone from Khor Eit on soil stabilization of Omdurman.

  • Amna Mubarak Mohamed Elhag
Keywords: Addition of limestone, Khor Eit, Soil, Stabilization


The present investigation considered the damages arising from the expansive clay type in the presence of water in Omdurman –Sudan.
Geographic Information System (GIS), and Remote Sensing techniques were used to map the geotechnical parameters and accurately locate the problematic clay zones.
Soil samples recovered from the Bore Holes and Trial Pits in Al muhandessen, Elbustan, Alarda, Bit Almal and Almulazmeen, during the field work carried out in August 2018 were studied using standard Geotechnical Laboratory methods. The liquid limit varies between 50% and 65%.
The samples locations were determined using the Global Positioning System (GPS). The thematic mapper 2000Tm was used for mapping the soil properties in Digital format using ERDAS Imaging 8.5 integrated with other software such as Arc Map. Modeling of the problematic soil was carried out also.
The results of the geotechnical data show that montomorillonite and Illite are the dominant high expansive clay type with thickness ranging from one to three meters.
The limestone collected from Khor Eit North of Port Sudan, was studied chemically and Calcined at 900°C and slaked to get lime. (10 - 20%) of the lime was added to the sample soil with compaction, results in enhancement of the soil properties, reduction of the plasticity index, reduction of clay activity and hence stabilization of the soil.


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