Histopathologic Changes in Liver Tissues From Male Albino Rats Treated with Croton tiglium Mixed With Animals Diet.

  • Awatif M.E Omran
  • Salah A.M Ali
  • Elkamali H H
Keywords: Croton Tiglium, Histopathologic Changes, Albino rats.


Croton tiglium is commonly used to treat constipation in African countries including Sudan. This study aim to evaluate histopathologic changes in Liver tissue after treated with Croton tiglium mixed with animals diet in male albino rats. The rats were divided into three groups containing of 6 rats per group for each , and they treated as follow : Group I serve as control, Group II & III: Were given a mixture of animals diet with Croton tiglium diet at concentrations of 10% and 20% respectively. Treatment of rats with 10% of Croton tiglium showed no remarkable damages or signs of lesions on specimens taken from animals for histopathological examinations ,but rats under 20% treatment showed some abnormal (alterations) .Therefore, the fruits of Croton tiglium at 20% are toxic to rats .
Further studies are necessary to isolate and characterize the bioactive constituents in the fruits and to elucidate modes of compound actions and interactions.


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