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Vol. 6 No. 2 (2021): OIU Journal of Agricultural Sciences (JOAS)

The Journal of Agricultural Sciences is published by the Faculty of Agriculture, Omdurman Islamic University. The Journal was founded (establishment) in 2012 with a deposit number with the National Library(ISSN 1585 – 6465). It is a refereed semi-annual scientific and periodical journal that publishes original and pioneering quality research in addition to newsletters, review topics and scientific notes in various agricultural fields from inside or outside the university.

The journal publishes scientific research that meets the requirements for scientific research from inside and outside the university in various agricultural fields.

The Manuscript must not have been published anywhere else. The author undertakes of this in the deposit form for the manuscript submitted for publication.

The Manuscript should be characterized by modernity and originality and contribute to the deepening of knowledge in the fields of agricultural sciences.

The Manuscript must meet the conditions of scientific honesty when transferring and quoting, preserving copyright and authoring, provided that the citation percentage does not exceed 25%.

The Manuscripts that will be published in the journal will be judged and subject to the supervision of the manager and members of the journal's editorial board.

The author is obligated to follow the instructions related to the journal̕ s format, and the editorial manager has the right to request the author to reformat the manuscript according to the journal̕ s format.

The journal accepts papers in both Arabic and English. When publishing in Arabic, abstract in English must be attached, and for publication in English, abstract in Arabic must be attached.

Published: 2022-11-06


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