Design and Implementation of Color Mixing and Painting Automatic Machine

  • Abdalftah Hamed Mohammed Ali Omdurman Islamic University
Keywords: PLC; RGB; HMI; Painting; Mixing; Robotic arm; Color


In this paper we represent a design and implementation of color mixing and painting machine, which shall work automatically, efficiently and lower the cost. The machine mixes Red, Green, and Blue RGB colors with a base to produce the required color defined by the user, and then pumps it through pipes in painting machine with a robotic arm, this painting machine will do the painting job. The model is designed and implemented using a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC-S7300) which controls the process of mixing the required color, these colors is filled in container tanks, five tanks, three for each RGB colors, one for the base, and one for the cleaning liquid. The mixer uses a DC motor to rotate mixing fins. Although the robotic arm uses 5 DC motor to move the arm joints.


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